Group Work

Elizabeth runs various groups and workshops under the Reflective Spaces portfolio:

‘Spiritual but not Religious’
Would you like to explore meaning, awareness or connection in your life? ‘What sustains you from the inside when all else falls away’? Come and see what Reflective Spaces offers in a small group taster session at Edinburgh Palette, Meadowbank. Monday 27th August 11am – 12noon. £5. Spaces limited; to book please email

‘Breathing Space’
FREE half hour taster meditation, part silent, part guided. Edinburgh Palette, Meadowbank on Monday 3rd September 1 – 1.30pm; welcome to bring your lunch from 12.30. No need to book but limited to 12 people on the day. More info

‘Spirit Level’
Would you like to explore the vision and values that shape and support your working life? Here’s a taster session offered by Reflective Spaces, helping to resource, refocus and re-energise people in various work contexts. Monday 10th September 11am – 12.30. Taster offer of £10 for up to six people at Edinburgh Palette, Meadowbank. More info or to book


Who Has Your Back 

Block started Spring 2018, please enquire for next block from Autumn 2018.

Fridays 7.15 – 9pm

A soulful, reflective practice group for people looking for support in a variety of work roles. What gets you out of bed in the morning? What keeps you going at work? What is draining and what’s going well? Who or What ‘has your back’?

Using a mixture of conversation and creative approaches here is an opportunity to re-energise vision for work, find help with tricky encounters and refresh courage and compassion towards both yourself and those with whom you work. Open to people from a variety of backgrounds e.g. NHS/social workers, teachers, alternative therapists, charity workers, clergy, volunteers, anyone in ‘people roles’ or organisations. We will create the space between us using images, objects, action and ‘soulful seeing’ to go in search of focus, support, and re-equipping.

Group of up to 4 people. £30 per session with a commitment across 4 dates, then the choice to stay or leave with new folk joining as space allows for another block of 4. To aid the group process you are greatly encouraged to come to all dates. If you know at the time of booking that you need to miss one date you will not be charged for this, thereafter the commitment of £30 is to all dates.
Further information

For further general information on supervision please see this page


Pithead Time for Pastors*

Small group reflective practice open to all in ordained ministry.

British miners in the 1920s fought for what was termed ‘pit-head’ time – the right to wash off the grime of the work in the boss’s time, rather than take it home with them. Supervision is the equivalent for those who work at the coalface of personal distress, disease and fragmentation.” Hawkins & Shohet

As supervision – or reflective practice – this group will offer a mixture of conversation and creative approaches to support vocation, explore tricky encounters and re-energise vision. The option to use objects and images in our time can aid confidentiality in a group whose paths may cross in other contexts, being less reliant on story or detail. The group is open to Rectors, Ministers, Priests, Chaplains etc who work at the Coalface of ministry; I would encourage you to see this group as clearly part of work time and to seek expenses for the cost. £30 per session with a commitment to four dates and then the choice to stay or leave. This group has now begun, if you are interested in other possibilities please email
(*with thanks to M.Bazely & R.Layzell for the use of their chapter title in Enriching Ministry ed. Paterson & Rose)


Reflection for Life

A group for people who have some experience of one or more of the following:

○ A Retreat in Daily Life                 ○ Spiritual Direction

○ Quiet Days                       ○ Growth in Prayer course or similar

○ Exploring – or wanting to explore – their own prayer life

This group is rooted in a broad Christian tradition and will draw on scripture, nature, spiritual writers and poets, creativity and conversation to grow in awareness and in sharing our journey together. The aim is to help the interweaving of faith and life. As life turns like a spiral, our time together may be one way to revisit themes, questions and experiences in a deeper way. We will try out different ways of praying and reflecting, individually and together, and the group will be shaped by its member’s own interests and suggestions.

Group of between 3 and 5 people, in north Edinburgh.
£20 per session.
This group has now started, if you are interested in joining or in other dates please email


Informal enquiries welcome for all above groups. 07952 198379

Elizabeth is a spiritual director, trainer and senior accredited pastoral supervisor, who also holds a Graduate Certificate in Groupwork. She previously coordinated the adult learning programme for the Diocese of Edinburgh.