Elizabeth runs various groups and workshops under the Reflective Spaces portfolio:

Women’s Spiritual Reflection Group
4 sessions – Sunday evenings 7.15 – 8.30pm on Zoom
17th March, 14th April, 19th May, 23rd June 2024
Many spiritual seekers long for more experience of authentic connection and community, especially those who feel on the edge of church – or over the edge of church. In this group, through guided reflection, poetry, music and facilitated sharing, we’ll drop into a deeper kind of conversation – and find resourcing for our lives. Come with hopes, doubts, curiosities, sorrows, heretical questions, well-being wishes, inspirations, fears and sense of humour.
£20 per session with a commitment to the 4 dates. Maximum 8 participants.
Enquiries by end February

Facilitated by Elizabeth White: I am rooted in an evolving and inclusive contemplative Christian tradition. I’m inspired by ongoing depth of journey in the whole of life and work, and describe myself as a soulful and therapeutic edge-walker. I work in person and via zoom as a Spiritual Director and accredited Pastoral Supervisor, have particular interests in power, attachment, trauma and love, and in how we can become wounded healers for our world.


Also available:

Right Use of Power Taster: for spiritual directors, pastoral supervisors and all in soulful roles“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” (Alice Walker). A 90minute exploration of five different kinds of power – and the relationship between power and our role accompanying others. For all who are interested in healing misuses of power; and in how we can learn to use ‘power with heart’ wisely and well.


Group Supervision for Spiritual Directors: For new and experienced directors/accompaniers who would like a group experience. Online or in-person. Please enquire for possibilities.


Pithead Time for Pastors*

Small group reflective practice open to all in ministry.

British miners in the 1920s fought for what was termed ‘pit-head’ time – the right to wash off the grime of the work in the boss’s time, rather than take it home with them. Supervision is the equivalent for those who work at the coalface of personal distress, disease and fragmentation.” Hawkins & Shohet

As supervision – or reflective practice – this group will offer a mixture of conversation and creative approaches to support vocation and re-energise vision. The group is open to all who work at the Coalface of ministry; I would encourage you to see this group as clearly part of work time and to seek expenses for the cost. The thorny question of whether the ‘role’ can ever really come off at the end of the day will also be explored!
(*with thanks to M.Bazely & R.Layzell for the use of their chapter title in Enriching Ministry ed. Paterson & Rose)

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