Pastoral Supervision

Reflecting on the past, in the present, to deepen working practices for the future… supervision turns history into transformational learning

Pastoral Supervision is an attentive, contained, values-based space – in Edinburgh or by Zoom – for anyone who wishes to become more reflective in their work or find external, restorative support for paid or voluntary settings. This could include NHS staff, community workers, teachers, spiritual directors, youth workers, ministers and clergy, managers, volunteers, creative and alternative therapists.

I work through spiritually-rich and psychologically-informed conversation, and alongside this can also offer creative approaches to supervision which go ‘behind the scenes, beneath the words’. This adds further insight, depth and colour to the process using images, objects, action-methods and ‘soulful seeing’.

‘British miners in the 1920s fought for what was termed ‘pit-head’ time – the right to wash off the grime of the work in the boss’s time, rather than take it home with them. Supervision is the equivalent for those who work at the coalface of personal distress, disease and fragmentation.’ Hawkins & Shohet, Supervision in the Helping Professions.

outstretched-hand-webAbout Me

I formerly coordinated the adult learning programme for the Diocese of Edinburgh, and also have experience as a Safeguarding Officer for Edinburgh Presbytery. I have a particular interest and training in how we use power wisely and well, and in attachment, trauma and love. I bring the lens of spiritual direction to my supervision work whilst valuing them as distinct spaces and I enjoy working freelance with individuals and groups. I’m passionate about good supervision being a supportive, confidential space for resourcing and development.

I am a senior accredited pastoral supervisor with The Association for Pastoral Supervision and Education and adhere to their Code of Conduct. I hold a Diploma in Cross-Professional Creative Supervision and Reflective Practice, and a Graduate Diploma in Groupwork. I also trained in Supervision for Spiritual Directors with Loyola Hall in 2013. I offer individual and group sessions to all in caring, listening or helping roles.

I usually work Tuesday to Thursday in north Edinburgh and by Zoom with those further afield. The cost is £50 for individuals, £50 to £60 for those who have organisational funding, and £60  to £70 for groups. Funding is currently available for those in Church of Scotland and URC ministries, and for NHS Spiritual Care Chaplains, please enquire.
I also offer Groups and Workshops – please see this page for more information.

To enquire about supervision contact 

For more general information about supervision, please download a leaflet produced for the Diocese of Edinburgh.

Our Supervision time was very valuable and really did give me some fresh insights.

Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for your time and for your very perceptive comments and questions.
…an effective and helpful tool to let you assess and reflect upon work practice… it gives you an ability to see things often from a different angle.