Values-based Power

I trained with the Right Use of Power Institute during 2020/21 and was deeply changed personally and professionally though this learning and experience.

The Right Use of Power™ approach is a dynamic, inspiring, and relational approach to the ethical use of professional and personal power to promote well-being and the common good.

I am now delighted to be collaborating with my colleague Jodi Steel to bring this engaging and interactive program to soulful communities in the UK and Australia. Trained as independent teachers with the Right Use of Power Institute, our shared passion is to see churches and other spiritual groups and individuals learn to use power wisely and well. This program integrates concepts and practices learned from training provided by Right use of Power Institute, an organisation that has been working for over 20 years to explore and reclaim heart-filled power.

Training Course in Values-Based Power

An online opportunity for anyone living or working in a soulful way

NOVEMBER 2021 – MARCH 2022

This course is for you if:
● You have ever wondered why good intentions are not always enough
● You feel power is important or harmful – or both
● You have a hunch that ethical and spiritual well-being is more than following a set of rules
● You want to address misuses of power in communities
● You want to find a new voice or way of being in the world
● You’d like to connect with others in a transformative way

You may be:
A faith leader, spiritual seeker, edge-walker, teacher, therapist, caring human, courageous warrior or all round good egg. We’ll work in small and large groups, utilising the curiosity of body, mind and soul to help find new ways to stand in our strength whilst also staying in our heart.

We will explore:
● What is power
● Five different kinds of power
● The shadow and shine of power
● Power with – or power over
● Under-use and over-use of power
● Self care
● The difference between intention and impact
● Power differential
● Giving feedback
● Resolving difficulties      ..and more!

2.5hrs per day, Thurs & Friday
11 – 12 Nov
9 – 10 Dec
13 – 14 Jan
10 – 11 Feb
10 – 11 March

9am – 11.30am, Edinburgh Time  :  8pm – 10.30pm, Sydney Time

£200 GBP or $370 AUD

BOOKING Please email with your name, region and a short note of the role(s) you seek to live out wisely and well in life or work

Maximum of 14 places, enquiries Welcome

* Full payment is due by 1st November; if you need to pay in installments please be in touch to arrange. If you cancel before the start of the course – and we can fill your place – we will reimburse you.


Elizabeth loves living in her home city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Rooted in an evolving contemplative Christian tradition, she is inspired by ongoing depth of journey in the whole of life, vocation and ministry. ‘Wisdom is not knowing more, but knowing with more of you, knowing deeper’ (Bourgeault); such is the mystery of soul care in which Elizabeth lives and works. She has been an Ignatian spirituality trainer, a coordinator for adult lay learning, and most recently a safeguarding officer. She is a Spiritual Director and Accredited Pastoral Supervisor and holds a Diploma in Creative Supervision and a Graduate Certificate in Groupwork. Elizabeth offers a variety of resourcing, choice-full and ‘out of the box’ reflective spaces for individuals and groups, in person and online.

Starting as an engineer and moving through several career changes across military, academia and industry, Jodi has often been part of a minority in workplaces. Her experiences have taught her the value of liminal and minority perspectives, and she appreciates having her own perspective expanded by new ways of being and doing. She now works as an Executive Coach, holding space for those who lead from their own difference as they seek wisdom, strength, courage and clarity of purpose. Jodi finds her spiritual home in mystical and contemplative traditions. She is currently based in a small Catholic community, as well as informal groups on the edge of church. She is a member of the Australian Catholic Church Plenary Council 2020. Jodi is inspired by the beauty around her home near Sydney, Australia where she lives with her family.